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Message from the Managing Director

Sameer S. Shetty

BFL Founder

"We build small hydroelectric power plants, but I don't see that as our only business. BFL's real business is building powerful relationships, based on trust, with all of our customers."

We are in business to be there for our customers, around the world, whenever and wherever they need us. This is the most important aspect of BFL's business model—it's even more important than our having the most advanced technology in this sector, and more important than our ability to commission small hydropower plants on a one-stop, turnkey basis.

BFL is a family owned business, and we are proud of it. Our customer relationships are about more than just business; with our customers we share the kind of empathy and support that bind a close-knit family. That is the secret behind our company's growth, along with the equity we enjoy with our customers. Family is the DNA of our company, and no matter how large BFL grows, this DNA will continue to drive us.

Sameer S. Shetty
Managing Director