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Our culture, values and ideology, and brutally honest way of doing business that is the exception rather than the norm.

Generating Design Excellence

What we believe

In addition to expecting hard work, sincerity, integrity and commitment from our employees, we give every individual a tall ladder to climb. And plenty of opportunities to climb it.

We know from experience that business growth comes from employees who climb ladders enthusiastically, showing their innovative spirit and dedication to achieving goals. This is what drives BFL’s growth and success. As a company, we reward all of our employees in good times, and make collective sacrifices in challenging times.

  • Hard work is the harbinger of success anywhere, and often triumphs over average intelligence.

  • Respect for colleagues, managers and subordinates is equally important.

  • We treat others as we would like ourselves to be treated. Civility and politeness are the traits of an evolved human being, and at BFL, these are qualities we cherish.

  • We celebrate our success every day, and particularly on BFL Day, which is held on October 15th of every year. BFL Day is a fun-filled event for all employees and their family members.

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