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A marriage of power and precision

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Unlike many other providers of hydropower solutions, BFL manufactures the heart of the hydropower system, the hydro turbines. We have a rich manufacturing history, cultivated over decades of hard-won experience.

BFL has deep expertise in manufacturing high-performance turbines for any small hydropower application. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Bangalore can meet virtually every need in the small hydro segment. We can deliver Kaplan turbines with four, five or six blades, Francis turbines and Pelton turbines with two to six jets. These applications range from 1-2 megawatt run-of-river schemes to single turbines of up to 25 megawatts in output.

Why we win
FL’s manufacturing facility in Hoskote puts everything under one roof: machining, assembly, fabrication and runner grinding. The shop is managed to the highest professional standards, and is staffed with skilled technicians The shop includes a large vertical boring lathe (VTL) machine capable of turning jobs up to six meters in diameter, and a large, special purpose lathe capable of drilling axial hole in shafts up to 15 meters long.

Runners and runner blades, the critical parts of the rotating assembly, are machined on CNC machines and finished. The resulting smooth surface is critical to high turbine efficiency. Dynamic balancing of rotating assemblies, which often include massive flywheels, is performed by trusted business partners. This ensures a high level of accuracy and a long, trouble-free life of all rotating parts.

Quality is our job
The BFL plant is certified to the ISO9001: 2000 quality standard. At our company we have cultivated a culture of quality that permeates everything we do. Our manufacturing team works relentlessly on process improvement, cost reduction and a multitude of other improvement opportunities to deliver the highest levels of quality, value and service to our customers.

Accordingly, in BFL’s manufacturing facility, all welders and suppliers are qualified, measurement instruments are calibrated and all related processes are well controlled. Sub-assemblies, such as the operating gear assemblies of Francis and Kaplan turbines, are fully tested for guide vane operation; gaps are controlled and maintained within permissible limits before shipping to sites.

Documentation plays a critical role in ensuring the future quality of the solutions BFL delivers. To enable traceability for raw material and heat treatment, mill certificates and all relevant inspection records are maintained for every turbine component.

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"BFL is a family owned business, and we are proud of it. Our customer relationships are about more than just business; with our customers we share the kind of empathy and support that bind a close-knit family. That is the secret behind our company's growth."

Sameer S. Shetty
Managing Director