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A marriage of power and precision

Over the last quarter of a century, BFL has built an enviable track record: We have designed manufactured and commissioned hydropower plants on every continent (except Antarctica). We are proud to count over 100 customers, many of whom have come back to us with repeat business.

Small hydropower is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of energy. It is free from pollution and waste, and comes from a source that nature itself constantly renews.

Capabilities Design

BFL believes in the power of hydro, and our design creativity is unmatched in the global arena in which we compete. With every project we design, BFL draws upon more than 25 years of experience. We are masters in the art and science of simplifying the complexities of hydropower plant and equipment design. Our design team in India applies dedication and creativity to adapt advanced technology to address global conditions, tailoring core solutions to meet specific requirements.

Simply put, we attack with pride any challenge our customer present to us, developing a cost-effective solution that combines both science and art. BFL designs a full range of hydropower solutions, ranging from 0.5 megawatts to 25 megawatts and higher.

Why we win
Research, development and relentless pursuit of engineering excellence enable BFL to meet the most complex and rigorous operating environments, challenging site conditions and demanding customer requirements. We understand that the effective design of rotating parts and vibration characteristics is essential. A number of factors result in complex structural behavior; we design our solutions with a keen awareness of the interaction between rotating and stationary parts, as well as interaction between the fluid and the structure.

Advanced technology plays a central role in our design process. During the design phase BFL performs detailed analysis of all parameters using the latest finite element analysis software, helping us to pinpoint the best solutions. The complete turbine assembly is subsequently designed using sophisticated 3D parametric software; we use it to analyze the various turbine assemblies and prepare manufacturing drawings.

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By combining decades of experience with fresh thinking and the industry’s most innovative design tools, BFL consistently designs high-performance, high-value hydropower solutions for our customers.