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The experience to deliver flawless execution

Erection & Commissioning

The power plant takes its final shape at the job site – a source of great excitement, anticipation and customer anxiety. BFL’s team of dedicated erection and commissioning engineers has installed dozens of power plants in some of the world’s toughest terrain. This highly skilled team is geared to handle issues that arises at the site, and empowered to take appropriate actions to ensure that the customer does not miss a deadline.

Since BFL began offering its Erection & Commissioning services, we have successfully completed more than 100 projects incorporating Kaplan, Francis and Pelton turbines in vertical and horizontal configurations.

Why we win
BFL's erection and commissioning engineers have deep expertise in water-to-wire installations. They employ modern techniques to expedite the erection procedures, while meeting global environmental and safety requirements.

To any job site BFL brings expertise in the moving and handling of heavy equipment. We are intimately familiar with navigating the logistic difficulties of hydropower plants such as hilly terrain and challenging approaches, while meeting local statutory requirements.

After the plant has been commissioned, we complete our engagement with installation processes that are well defined and documented, and incorporate the standard quality operating procedures. BFL’s manuals depict all the necessary requirements for plant installation, commissioning and ongoing performance, including day-to-day plant operations, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Beyond the completion of the project, BFL provides post-commissioning support to ensure that we deliver what we promised. We recognize that enduring relationships are built on best efforts, which BFL continues to put forth even after an engagement is complete.

BFL's ideology: We put our customers' needs before our own.
Our customers are small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that require a true partner to guide them in a manner that is completely honest, transparent and in their best interest. BFL has built long-term relationships based on these values, focusing on trust and handshakes instead of contracts and complications.